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Who we are?
We are PUNGIB Logistics & Services.

What we are doing?
We are a forwarder company , providing high level of services and efficiency, for sure this is an important point for international trade. We offer you, our knowledge, our potential of purchase and development through all steps of the logistics Chain from the loading point to the destination.

Flexibility is the base of our company:
In the global world, our personalized services are very much appraised. We speak with our customers regarding & evaluating their needs (When, Where and How) and from those concepts, our personnel works like a customer's department. In other words, We act like your accomplice, your employee, your faithful collaborator.

Operational range: The World
We have agents in the 5 continents but, what our customers really appreciates is to deal whit a single and trusted interlocutor.

This is another strong point of our company, we give you the best service at the correct price. It's really important for us that our clients feel satisfied of the service for what they paid.


Head Office:
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 524 - 527 Ent 1   08011 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel: +34 935159491 Fax: +34 935159632 e-mail: logistics@pungib.com
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